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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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85% of you predicted donald trump would be the republican candidate on the republican side. thanks for being with scu among my guests tomorrow. be with us, please. good night from new york.. kennedy: and then there were three! i'm watching the remnants of the republican field get whittled down to a few odd men who can now all comfortably fit in a canoe as marco rubio drops out of the race and a rambling mostly uninspired display. >> i take great comfort in the ancient words which teaches us that in their hearts humans plan their course. i want you to know there is nothing more you could have done. america is in the middle of a real political storm. a real tsunami. >> i chose a different route and i'm proud of that. kennedy: okay. i was trying to figure out if he was making the ultimate
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concession or making the tired case of soldiering on in the name of fake victory. reminded me of "the bachelor" when the losing finalist is bombarded with comments, she thinks she's going to get a ring from a genton bended knee, and then something happens. >> i didn't know if i could find love. i found it with you, but i found it with somebody else more. kennedy: oh! that's such a big but. just when i thought marco was going bust out a tiffany blue box and ask his country to marry him. he suspended the whole operation. >> while it is not god's plan i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended --
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>> no! >> and that left many loyal floridians feeling like this. >> who knows if i'm a star now? >> no, i'm not. [ laughter ] >> and donald trump arguably had a better night. he bested little marco in florida. took illinois and north carolina, was a missouri leg lock with ted cruz and ceded ohio to the most loving man in the race. >> i love you is all i can tell you. >> i love you, too. [ laughter ] >> now, of course, the other big winner whose victory were as roomy as tunics, hillary clinton with wins in florida and ohio didn't need to check the scoreboard on the way into the rally. look at electrified clintonites. [chanting]
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. kennedy: we got spirit, yes, we do. we stole the election, how about you! as republicans fight over the crown and hillary wins state after state amassing delegates, super and ordinary, it's clear she's on the direct path to the palace that makes losers of us all. on the show tonight, dr. ron paul joins me to discuss a surprising parallel between 2012 presidential campaign and bernie sanders' socialist barn burner. marco rubio dropped out of the race. what's the gop establishments next step? katie pavlich has the answer. and challenge the republicans with the moderate pick to fill in the vacancy on the supreme court. you are a supreme leader of my heart. let's go fall in love. i'm kennedy. . kennedy: my goodness, here we are, back again, and discuss donald trump who had a very big
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night, did ted cruz have a fighting chance to catch up now that marco rubio is out of the race. so much palace intrigue, wonderful party panel including melissa francis and co-host of "after the bell." michael malice has a book called dear reader, the pop culture guide to north korea. nomiki konst and former dnc council member. council member, so legit? >> yeah. kennedy: let's talk about this, donald trump's victory and where does ted cruz go from here? the establishment does not like him. is there any way he can get milk from their dry unloving teets? >> wow, i'm trying to get over his anchor pose. i don't know what's going to happen with the poor establishment. they're ripping their hair out going bananas, and trump is enjoying it, the more tortured they are, the more happy he is.
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>> in the end everybody has to sing kumbaya and sing together. he's going to have the opportunity to prove he's a unifier. during his speech, he was funny. he had a joke writer, he had somebody from "snl" writing jokes. hate ads were only 90% true or 90% false, and i don't know, maybe he can bring everybody together in a big loving hug. kennedy: he had a more focused speech. last week after the victories he had the press conference, with the meat, the water and the vodka, interesting display, but you think the path is quite clear for trump with rubio out of race, say all of rubio's support magically falls to ted cruz. >> but once again doing what the establishment is doing which is magical thinking. the idea that the rubio voters second choice is going to be cruz or kasich or trump. it's not that way. when jeb dropped out jeb voters went to trump. people like to follow someone in the lead because they're
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pack animals and the math doesn't play out. many of the states left are places like california, new york, new jersey, and all states that trump is going to do far stronger in than cruz who is better in the mid, like oklahoma and texas. kennedy: there's an open primary. there is a state with a lot of economic uncertainty and i think donald trump's message plays quite well in parts of california that are not san francisco and los angeles. >> and pennsylvania and places like that. so is trump a foregone conclusion does, that delight you as a democratic strategist? >> freaks me out. you can't plan a strategy around him. and hillary clinton because she's not malleable. she's not somebody who has the instincts to play off of him. she's not a joe biden. he's so good at attacking going for the jugular, i don't think the establishment is prepared for that. i don't think the republican establishment is prepared for that.
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that's not fair, he's unpredictable. kennedy: that's a really good point. she has to have everything prewritten for her and good at delivering the lines when she has a message. i cannot think of a candidate who will take somebody more offmessage than donald trump which makes him dangerous. >> you've seen clinton v. trump and rubio v. trump. all he has to do is challenge her to say ask your husband or i dare you to say fundamentalist islamist terrorists. >> she slaps a label on people they can't scrape off, no matter how much goo be gone, and she doesn't have the energy or the strength to be president. >> that's right. >> she had no voice. kennedy: that's the thing jeb had the hardest time with. when trump tagged him low energy, was a strong enough perception and difficult perception for him to counter. how do you do that, train for
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the iron man triathlon. >> wait until she has a coughing fit during the debate and he goes after her. kennedy: hillary clinton dominated in last night's primaries, good for you hrc pushing her closer to taking the nomination as bernie sanders is officially a protest candidate now. is there any hope for bernie in the rigged system? >> completely rigged system. this system was designed in 81 with a thing called a hunt commission to prevent leftist candidates like mcgovern or the outsider establishment candidates from running. that's what super tuesday was built so that southern states, conservative states were stacked to the front so more conservative democrats have the momentum. she has taken advantage of that system. she basically budged out any other candidates from running early on by getting the superdelegates, but to be fair. bill clinton lost the first 11 out of 12 primary states and the difference is only --
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kennedy: 1992 a different time and the rules feel vastly different and didn't have debbie wasserman schultz. are you excited for the triumph are america's mother-in-law as i coined her on the show. >> i agree with what nomi said, with a female, come hell or high water, probably hell. i'm ecstatic because she'll say nancy reagan cured aids. that lady needs an improv class. as soon as she gets on the mic she's saying things that resonate with people for years. i was under sniper fire. we're dead broke. says things in such a clever way, you can't forget about that. >> donald trump is teflon. in a weird way hillary clinton is, too. >> not anymore. oh, no. >> this is going to be -- how many people were salivating last night who said, i talked to a lot of people who were like i hate trump but what i love about this is he will finally rip hillary clinton apart.
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finally you will see someone who has the strength to go after her and make it stick. for whatever reason, when he takes magnifying glass on the opponents like the ant under the sun, he scorches them until there are flames. kennedy: she's going to start smoking very, very soon, it is causing worry in that campaign in the likes of which they have never seen. president obama chooses a moderate supreme court nominee with the ball in republicans' court, will they make the right move or any move? later ron paul tells us something surprising. parallels between 2012 presidential campaign and one bernie sanders. ♪ type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man.
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. kennedy: hello there, you. president obama nominated merrick garland, that sounds like a soap opera name. the chief judge of the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia to the supreme court today. the president challenged republicans not to dismiss his pick. >> i simply ask republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing, and then an up-or-down vote. if you don't, then it will not only be an abdication of the senate's constitutional duty. or nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair. kennedy: yeah, well that's not
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what judge napolitano says. he says the senate can make their own time line. that is in the constitution. my party panel is back, melissa francis, michael malice and nomiki konst. what a handsome group this is! what is president obama saying with this pick? >> i think for his term he's been trying make the supreme court look for a benetton ad, using quotas and remember 2008, the argument for the democrats the era of old white men is over. kennedy: thanks bernie sanders. >> now the old white men are putting trump in charge and angry and voting and putting fear into the democratic party. this is a stop to the group so that maybe they'll be able to get the votes back. if he puts forth other minority. this would be a fringe right to say look they're trying to destroy america. kennedy: certainly wasn't a tip of the hat to the fringe left. he is considered to be liberal moderate. he's not right of center by any
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means necessary or by any stretch of the imagination, is he a sacrificial lamb? >> i don't know if he's a sacrificial lamb. that's a strategy, i don't know if that's going to be effective. if it's not, it will go to the republicans, this is the last chance he has an opportunity here to get this nominee passed. if he had gone to the left. trust me my facebook feed is overflowing, pissed off it's not a woman. pissed off it's not a minority. kennedy: he put two women on the supreme court. >> are you sure you want to go there? >> i'm not a democrat. >> you are outnumbered, malice. >> you asked. >> my gosh, what is going on here, what show am i on? you asked what the president was saying, he said i double dog dare you guys to do nothing. he put a candidate out hard to object to. he was voted like most popular in high school graduating class. kennedy: everyone likes john
12:16 am
roberts. >> people on both sides of the aisle liked him, he gave up a lot. an older candidate. not a legacy candidate. doesn't check any of the boxes. people are furious on both sides. when i said he was relatively moderate i got hammered with he's a gun grabber, pro-choice, all the different things, he makes everyone and no one happy at the same time. he's a perfect candidate. kennedy: he's not exactly a libertarian, but i think what he's doing with this and i think you're right about this. >> double dog dare. >> you think this guys bad, wait until hillary's in office. you think you don't like me now, he could be a swing voter. he could be a suitor. >> he's not a swing voter. even people who are conservatives -- >> they are retired and on the government rolls. >> exactly. kennedy: there's no free market racketeering under the black robes. >> supreme court justices don't
12:17 am
care. >> to be fair, he's the number one most consensused judge out there. that's his rating by the justices. >> this is not an era of consensus. this is an era of discord and hatred and couldn't be happier. kennedy: era of judicial activism. right? there you have it! the final word for i say it is so. a tennessee politician wants to put an end to p.c. culture in college campuses trying to silence the poor university student who wants to speak their minds. katie pavlich wants to answer what's the republican establishment to do now that marco rubio dropped out? that's coming up in moments. please stay here.
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. kennedy: hi there, after losing his home state of florida to donald trump yesterday. senator marco rubio suspended his campaign. yeah. he had been the last bright shiny favorite of establishment republicans, and now with marco out, what is the next step? katie pavlich is the news editor at, also a fox news contributor. welcome back, katie p., what's up? >> how you doing? kennedy: if i'm not pulling for oregon in the tournament, i will help you out cheering. >> we can have the agreement. if i'm not cheering for the cats, i'll cheer for the ducks. >> and all cheer against usc. >> exactly. amen. kennedy: talk about this a little bit because it has been the going wisdom that marco rubio is the favorite of the establishment, and with rubio out of the race, what is the establishment do now? do they go all-in on ted cruz or do they put their hopes in a
12:22 am
contested convention and keep holding onto kasich's flimsy coattails. >> first i want to push back on the notion that marco rubio is the establishment. when you look at the race that we've seen in the 2016 gop primary, the establishment backed jeb bush, they never backed marco rubio. in fact, they attacked marco rubio because they wanted jeb bush to be the winner there. i would say the establishment completely failed in the primary process which is why you saw chris christie, jeb bush and mike huckabee never gain any traction. so moving forward, i don't understand what the definition of establishment is in this race. kennedy: that's a really good point. a fair point, a word that a lot of people use, especially a lot of people who previously have supported and been a part of the establishment. >> right. i feel like the term establishment has not been properly applied, and it's been used really to accuse those who
12:23 am
disagree with you of being part of the, quote, establishment. when have you chris christie interviewing donald trump during a campaign event earlier this week, it's hard to understand what the term establishment means. moving forward, ted cruz certainly doesn't fit into the establishment category. of course, in washington, d.c. on capitol hill, he's not necessarily liked by all the senators, and he thinks that is a good thing. so moving forward here, we have ted cruz versus donald trump, and the republicans have to make a decision who they're going to get behind. when you look at ted cruz's track record, he is more anti-establishment, i would argue than donald trump is. kennedy: a lot of people, as you did, who wrote for the "national review" edition that slammed donald trump and tried to make the logical case why he should not be the nominee, where do you think the writers are turning now? >> i think they're probably turning towards ted cruz.
12:24 am
"national review," all the writers against the trump symposium don't necessarily work for "national review" but the "national review" endorsed ted cruz. he has 100% conservative rating from the heritage foundation, i don't think donald trump is rate by them, he hasn't been in office voting legislation. maybe his record doesn't go into the conservative category. people think john kasich only won a state because it was his home state of ohio where he has a 60-70% approval rating. he didn't win because he has national standing here. ted cruz is the only serious candidate left. and we all know that. we need to get over the fact they don't like him personally, and realize that it's either trump or cruz at this point in the convention fight and know john kasich can't win the nomination, even if we go to convention. kennedy: do you think the damage it would do to the republican party or so
12:25 am
hell-bent against trump that to them that's still the best bet? >> no, i think the contested convention is the only way to stop trump at this point. you look at the math and ted cruz would have to win 70% of the remaining delegates to be crowned the nominee. basically impossible for ted cruz to catch up, and the delegate count at this point. i want to dispel this notion also that people are saying we're going to take the nomination from trump. the fact is no matter who it is, they have to get to 1237 to secure the nomination. if trump can't get there in the primary process, that's why the convention system is set up the way it is. the only way trump can beat cruz is to go to a convention, hire the right people and convince the delegates there, especially the ones who are going to be free, some of them are marco rubio supporters, he is a better pick for the party than donald trump is. kennedy: we'll see what the delegates will do when they are, in fact, freed? it's not going to get less complicated or less interesting. thank goodness you're here, katie pavlich.
12:26 am
>> release the delegates into the wild. kennedy: see how it goes. coming up, batman and superman like you've never seen them before, as a rom-com. and finally official way to remove when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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. kennedy: if your hangover from super tuesday left you feeling like walnut wednesday, i got nothing for you except for gatorade and weird news. this is "topical storm." i love walnut wednesday. topic number one -- we all know casts are the cleverly disguised spawn of the devil. sociopathic fur balls who gain your trust while plotting to eat your face while you sleep. he learned how to run on a wheel while watching a pet hamster by spinning around in
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once i saw the mashup explaining what the new film is about, i warmed it. take a look. >> daily planet. >> bruce wayne meets clark kent. i love it. i love bringing people together. how are we? >> now they've got to figure out if heroes from two different planets can get vulnerable, get real and even fall in love? this spring, from warner bros. pictures, when the past comes back, two heroes must decide what's really worth fighting for. >> is he with you? >> i thought he was with you. >> how hypocritical? >> that man meets superman, dawn of just us. kennedy: actually quite sweet. ben affleck has such range, great nipples, too. topic number four -- karma is a buddhist term noting the fate you bring upon
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yourself as a result of action, it was my fake name when i put myself through college as a pole dancer. you can see the distribute of justice anywhere, even in lakes. observe. ♪. kennedy: let's all jump in. yeah! perfect lesson in karma. that little girl plopped in the big old puddle of buddhism. but i want to make sure you understand what karma is. you do something bad and it comes back to hit you. like this. [laughter >> oh, the old yoga ball in the face trick. really important less an is the ball looks like a balloon which means that everyone in the gym is safe from bears. i like to
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fill my balloons with nitrous. topic number five -- taking off your socks can be uncreative and exhausting. how many times have you worked up a sweat, freeing up your piggies from cotton blankets. nutty file colin firs figured out a way to desock with a rocket launcher. you heard me right. this man will attempt to take his socks off with a rocket launcher. but will he prune his toes by fire? let's watch together. >> i will try to remove my socks with a rocket launcher. [laughter].
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kennedy: very good, if have you weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm," you better believe i have a place for them. it's called "topical storm." you can find me at kennedy nation on twitter and instagram use hashtag "topical storm." coming up, dr. ron paul joins me with his thoughts on the 2016 election, and sends surprising opinions about one bernie sanders. but first, the panel returns debating we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation,
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inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth™! . kennedy: walter, you is serenade me with your tones any time you like. tennessee is considering a bill that would protect the free speech of college students. the tennessee student free
12:39 am
speech protection act would prohibit bias systems to report on students when no threat or harassment occurred, and it would ban punishing students for the content of their lawful speech. the party panel is back to chew on this. melissa francis, michael malice and nomiki konst. do you agree with the aim of this legislation? >> why not? free speech should always be protected. when have you institutions up to their opinion whether or not that speech is valid. we may not like what students are doing, we have the right, that's what college campuses are known for. any time you put it through the institutions through their objective lens of opportunity. how are they going to determine what's valid or not? kennedy: colleges and universities, there's so much subjectivity when it comes to determining what are microaggressions, what are triggers? and have you students who are unfairly punished and forced into the tiny zones that are hardly considered bastions of free speech.
12:40 am
>> i'm all for free speech, it's protected no matter what. if there's a protest, sure, shut down the protest, but they have the right to protest. kennedy: i don't know, i don't think free speech is occurring on college campuses. that is a naive way of looking at these things. what are some of the unintended consequences? >> this bernie sanders campaign has me nostalgic of kent state. >> what? >> the days the cops come on campus and put the disgusting hippies in their place. the alternative is prison sentence and the winey little thugs who wanted to shove journalists off campus should not be treated with kid gloves, treated with the full extent of the law. if you accept the money from the government, this should be a start. next stop should be taking away people's right to tenure. kennedy: i would love to do away with tenure, that is a separate issue, but universities and colleges operate as cartels.
12:41 am
they have absolutely no incentive to produce especially when you have teachers who cannot retire. >> capitalism at its worst. >> i got an a+ in critical and analytical thinking, it's like the language has gotten so complicated around the idea of what we're protecting and what we're upset and the new words of microaggression, is anyone going to class? >> no they're not. >> to defer finals and final papers because their social justice is interfering with academic careers. >> yeah, there's no math and science going on in the institution at all. and wonder why we're importing engineers from other countries and can't fill the good jobs, at the same time the kids are deeply in debt and can't find a job because they spent all their time looking for microaggressions, which are so tiny, you can't see them! >> the only way of getting them back is have a nice dirty
12:42 am
cosmo. a movement is working toward its goal of building robots with human memories to replace loved ones after they die. they already created a replica of the founder's wife called binna 48 that simulates her voice and opinions. is this the future of grieving or twilight zone episode. i absolutely love this. >> wow. kennedy: i do, are you put off by the idea of artificially capturing your loved one's soul on the ipad? >> i would love my dog, that's the only being. kennedy: grandma? >> my grandmother just passed away. kennedy: god rest her soul. >> i have wonderful memories of her. kennedy: she could be here right now. >> and she'd be complaining. you know what she would say is speak, enunciate, slow down. and i don't want to hear that. >> why is the guy making a copy of his wife?
12:43 am
is he planning on killing her? >> wow, i thought i was the dark guy on the panel. >> cloning people. i don't have a family member i want to clone, i have friends i haven't seen in a long time. that would be fun. kennedy: would you love to live beyond eternity in a cloned smartphone with the soft pleatherette skin? >> no. we just went to a creepy place and i'm going to back right out of it. kennedy: you have to consider those things when you are writing a will. >> no, i'm going to go with no. kennedy: what was it called the real doll? what if a guy fell in love with a doll but had his grandma's soul. would there be a moral conundrum? >> and would the grandmother be allowed to have a opinion on this? kennedy: if i captured you like a fire fly on a july night, you
12:44 am
might, possession is nine tenths of the law. >> we need to edit before the replay. kennedy: we need a better edit. this year estimated 50 million american workers will participate in march madness office pools. collective diversion will reportedly cost employers $4 billion in party cash and lot of productivity. once bernie sanders is president, we're not going to have to work at all, and college is going to be free, so all people are going to do is sit around and look at these fancy pants brackets. let's focus on the west a little bit. i like oregon, they're the number one seed. i certainly have them going to the final four and usc is losing for me in the first round. what about you? anything interesting? >> i'm going to go with, there's one in brooklyn. i'll go for that one. iowa and asheville.
12:45 am
that sounds like a great match. kennedy: not unc. the number one seed. >> my plan is to cheat off kennedy. i'm going to take this with me. last year i picked harvard to go all the way, that did not work out! >> mike, i walked right into that one. >> where is my agent. i got to get out of here. >> are we fighting banana slugs. >> santa cruz is good at annoying everyone else. >> i'm picking spokane because that's where twin peaks is filmed. kennedy: that's a great choice. who wins? >> houston wins. kennedy: no, that's the city. >> even i got that. >> you got brooklyn. going to the city where the game is being played. this is like talking about "star wars" with jocks. very frustrating. i know more about "star wars." >> i do too. kennedy: well, i have to bid
12:46 am
adieu and say thank you to nomi, michael and melissa. coming up, dr. ron paul joins me on thoughts with bernie sanders and so much more. please stay right here. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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. kennedy: welcome back, delightful to have you here. in 2012, dr. ron paul electrified young voters with his message. with his ideals and while bernie sanders is a self-described socialist, his campaign is in many ways parallel to dr. paul's with a strong youth movement around an ideological message. here to repudiate him is former
12:50 am
texas congressman dr. ron paul, welcome back. >> good to be with you. kennedy: i want to hear from you. what are the similarities between you and bernie sanders? >> well, i think the young hing to ave ideals and do with what the principles, young people are not idealistic, not locked in place, middle aged and older people have firm opinions, young people are willing to listen to different viewpoints. we have different viewpoints, but we believe they're telling the truth and not giving a lot of political talks, they like that. kennedy: are you flattered by the comparison or does it upset you? >> neither. you know, if i can get to make comparison that the attractiveness is because we're both individuals with principles, that's okay.
12:51 am
if they say they're attracted to me because i sound like a socialist, i probably wouldn't like that. kennedy: i don't think you sound like a socialist but have you said that his a militarist, and i think that would surprise some bernie sanders supporters. i think they probably think that your views dove tail when it comes to anti-interventionism. is he an authoritarian? >> obviously yes, economics it's very obvious, nobody contests. that foreign possible, a lot more than people realize, he gave support to libya and kosovo wars, he votes for all the military budgets. he's protected some of the industries that are in vermont. he protects the industrial complex. he did have the one vote that he brings up, he did not vote for the authority to go into iraq, but all the rest, he basically votes with the neoconservatives and probably wouldn't have votes much different than hillary would have had. but his image is different.
12:52 am
he comes from what he believes is progressive wing of the democratic party and certainly on economic issues, very, very progressive, big spender and all of that, but on military, he's not as progressive as he should be because you take somebody like dennis kucinich, he and i worked together. he's a progressive -- >> but he considers himself to be a left leaning libertarian. i don't think bernie sanders would utter that word when describing himself. but there you have it. we're not going to have to discuss that longer, bernie had a rough night. been a tough time for apple as well. they are in court fighting an order to assist the fbi in cracking its own encryption on a phone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists saying that the founding fathers would be appalled by the actions of the justice department. dr. paul, do you agree with apple? do you think the founding fathers are spinning in their graves as what the federal government is doing, trying to
12:53 am
force apple to unencrypt their phones? >> they're spinning in their graves that they're not dizzy to interpret, it they should have been spinning about 100 years ago what was going on in this country. sure, they would object to this. what i don't understand, it is a mandate. it's a dictate. and apple used the term they're forcing us to do, this making slaves of us. which is true. what about the mandate? i thought republicans were against mandates. it's a medical mandate, yeah, it's bad, which i would agree. when there's another mandate to come in and do whatever is necessary to protect the government and enhance the power of the government's police powers, then mandates are okay according to many republicans. kennedy: you are absolutely right. especially the candidates remaining on the state. i don't think they've been very good at defending civil liberties in general, and apple specifically, but it's the president who has been
12:54 am
abhorrent when he talks about this issue trying to emotionally compel this company to unlock their devices which, you know, if you pay attention to technology, you than creating that back door is not a momentary fix. >> yes, and the government was established and the 4th amendment was the direction to protect our privacy. our government has not done. this apple comes along after snowden's revelation that people were demanding, it was a product they asked for and apple responded and produced it. they were doing what the government should have been doing trying to protect the people's privacy. apple is much closer to the founding fathers than our current administration. kennedy: that's a great point. people can't trust the federal government to do it so they have to trust private companies and look what the federal government is trying to force private companies to do. thank you, dr. paul, appreciate the chat. >> you're welcome.
12:55 am
kennedy: coming up, donald trump and hillary clinton were the big winners in the polls last night. about what you did people on the streets think about those two? we're stuck with them both! yeah. let's find out next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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. kennedy: i'm ready to toast you. donald trump and hillary clinton are the respective front-runners of the democratic and republican parties as well as twofr the four horseman of the apocalypse. what's the first thing people think of when you bring up their names. rich collier hit the streets of new york city to find out. >> what's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words president trump. >> job opportunities for the american citizen. >> success. >> a huge [ bleep ]. >> a huge [ bleep ]. >> if i would have used even half of that word, it would have been national scandal.
12:59 am
>> what's the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words president hillary clinton? >> disaster. >> the first word is rigid, actually. >> feel like she's going to pick up where obama left snuf for goodness, that is not going to happen. >> what's the first thing that pops into your head when i say donald trump's hands. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. >> dirty. >> small. >> yuck! >> these are the most dishonest people i think i've dealt with. >> hillary's e-mails. >> government secrets. >> a joke. can we move on? >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> who would make a better president, trump or hillary? >> god, it's like the apocalypse. >> like to punch him in the face, i tell you. kennedy: that's a little testy donald. thank you for watching the show, follow me on twitter and instagram --
1:00 am
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